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  • 01. Preface

    We’re stubborn, inventive, and militantly inquisitive and we believe people are unparalleled levers of change.

  • 02. Spatial missions

    Spaces aren’t our end purpose. We’re not space developers or architects. We are translators and narrators in the space of challenges and human dynamics of transformation.

  • 03. Belleville

    Belleville is the incarnation within walls, of Boson convictions and ambitions. It’s a place to make and break ideas, a place where it’s OK to think differently, a place for discussion, thinking, and a place for rent.

  • 04. Boson talks

    We like to decrypt the time, share our enthusiasm, our beliefs and our adventures in the company.

  • 05. Boson events

    Committed interaction to let worlds meet, shake up ideas, and uncover blind spots.

  • 06. Boson Consulting

    Our job is to create the conditions allowing the full and entire expression of human potential, individualy and collectively.

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01 - Preface

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Imagine and
design the
of tomorrow

Imagine and
design the
of tomorrow

We’re stubborn, inventive, and militantly inquisitive and we believe people are unparalleled levers of change.

Photo © Jean-Pierre Jeunet - The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain

What we believe

Looking at society through the prism of the company

The world is changing and companies are vital links in society. They play a crucial role in these changes. Watching what happens in the world can help with understanding, anticipating, and possibly influencing what will happen tomorrow on the outside and on a larger scale.

We view the company as a prime laboratory for society.

(Re)commit people

We believe that to shape a society that’s more wholesome, more engaging, and more productive, companies have to reinvent themselves in human terms. Men and women in companies and in cities must be empowered to plan, contribute to collective destiny, and examine strategic issues.

Work for heightened societal purpose

We call for a humanist company, an activist company, a company with a mission, and a company capable of challenging its strictly economic definition (“economically viable purpose”) and moving toward a heightened societal purpose.

We are Bosons

We’re a team of people with strong personalities and we’re real and unique and united around the same philosophy. It’s this rich substance that makes us a mutating experience.
We’re also a community of thought and values. There are also Bosons on the perimeter of the team: free electron philosophers, entrepreneurs, soldiers, researchers, blue collar workers, fishermen, business owners, the men and women who are part of this experience and who relay our messages, multiply our impact, and help advance our convictions.

Each Boson who joins us twists the system a bit, takes us along untravelled back roads, heightens our societal purpose with their convictions, and shapes a story that resembles them.

We work enthusiastically to change organizations for and through human capital. But not just that.
We often venture out beyond the company walls with projects that are like us and we try to meet the people, the not-as-well known, and the professions that are less like us.
What’s our mission? It’s to help businesses and citizens along the road to reinvention. It’s also about prototyping desirable futures.

One direction

Some obvious things are the essence of a Boson: awareness of a changing world, determination not to be an onlooker but a player, wanting real impact, and pragmatism. And also the realism of an action that begins with men and women and in the field, the attitude to put every inch of energy and every single conviction into the fight, without ever sparing themselves and without ever giving up. And believing that together, we’ll go further.

Our 8 capital virtues

Our approach is exploratory, but we never lose sight of our focus.

Photo © Jean-Pierre Jeunet - The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain

Entrepreneurial Spirit
We bring together a committed and inspired community that isn’t satisfied with the status quo. We value audacity, energy, and determination. We insist on being players in our company, our space, and in society.

We’re not suggesting a ready-made solution and we don’t pretend to have a magic wand. Based on field observations, we approach each project without preconceived ideas or prejudices. We put exploring, challenging, introspection, being open minded, and complementarity at the core of our method to do serious things without taking ourselves seriously.

The Boson approach is based on action. We explore, experiment, and prototype practical, concrete solutions to make the company and society appealing again. “Action” to be challenged and to grow. Knowing when to stop to better start again.

In our ethics and in our manner of execution, our aim is to go further. We’re fully committed in terms of what we say and do so that our means match our ambitions.

“One for all and all for one.” We cherish trust and mutual aid and we work only with great benevolence. We are individually and collectively responsible for every project and every mission.

We think respectful disobedience is more useful than resigned obedience. We proceed ahead to the beat of the drum, with no concessions about our convictions and never stuck on what we’re sure of.

Hybridization & Serendipity
We’re firm believers in collective strength. We rely on an open ecosystem to exchange glances and subjects and hybridize skills. Each door opens a new door.

Conviviality & Authenticity
We call for authentic, horizontal relationships and we cultivate enjoyment in our professional and interpersonal relations. We enjoy getting together around a big table to speak openly and share what surprises us, what inspires us, and what obsesses us.

Publications - Rose Ollivier & Emmanuelle Duez

Youth Forever - March 2021 white paper

They were on university and high school benches, diplomas in hand, ready to enter the job market or have been working for just a few months. They were in the process of shaping the foundations of their destiny, jumping into the deep end, coming out of the family nest to see what the outside world had to offer... An that world came to a screeching halt.
They woke up one morning and Covid-19 cut them off from jobs, from education, and above all human interaction. In the prime of their lives, they had to put their projects on hold, lower their ambitions and experienced record levels of anxiety. Here is an overview of what our young people are going through, which has been particularly impacted by this crisis, and the solutions we have come up with to support them.