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  • 01. Preface

    We’re stubborn, inventive, and militantly inquisitive and we believe people are unparalleled levers of change.

  • 02. Spatial missions

    Spaces aren’t our end purpose. We’re not space developers or architects. We are translators and narrators in the space of challenges and human dynamics of transformation.

  • 03. Belleville

    Belleville is the incarnation within walls, of Boson convictions and ambitions. It’s a place to make and break ideas, a place where it’s OK to think differently, a place for discussion, thinking, and a place for rent.

  • 04. Boson talks

    We like to decrypt the time, share our enthusiasm, our beliefs and our adventures in the company.

  • 05. Boson events

    Committed interaction to let worlds meet, shake up ideas, and uncover blind spots.

  • 06. Boson Consulting

    Our job is to create the conditions allowing the full and entire expression of human potential, individualy and collectively.

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Our world, as complex and fluid as ever, changes at top speed. But not to rush. We believe there’s a need to fully understand today to be able to design tomorrow.

Publications - Rose Ollivier & Emmanuelle Duez

Youth Forever - March 2021 white paper

They were on university and high school benches, diplomas in hand, ready to enter the job market or have been working for just a few months. They were in the process of shaping the foundations of their destiny, jumping into the deep end, coming out of the family nest to see what the outside world had to offer... An that world came to a screeching halt.
They woke up one morning and Covid-19 cut them off from jobs, from education, and above all human interaction. In the prime of their lives, they had to put their projects on hold, lower their ambitions and experienced record levels of anxiety. Here is an overview of what our young people are going through, which has been particularly impacted by this crisis, and the solutions we have come up with to support them.

Read the study

Media coverage

Le Télégramme - Et si on s'engageait au travail ?

Une autre entreprise est-elle possible ? Oui en poussant les salariés à s’engager davantage et c’est l’avenir de l’entreprise selon La Colloc et la start-up The Boson Project. Ce sera le thème de l’événement organisé par La Colloc le mercredi 12 décembre, avenue de La Perrière.


Publications - Emmanuelle Duez x Jacques

Sapiens Talks

Emmanuelle Duez, fondatrice de The Boson Project, et Jacques, ont répondu positivement à l’invitation d’Agoria. Ils partagent leur vision du monde au micro de la Tsugi Radio.


Events - The Boson Project

À la croisée des mondes 2019 : l'épopée en images

Les 7 et 8 février 2019 se tenait la 3ème édition d'A la croisée des mondes : une fabuleuse épopée à bord du PHA Tonnerre, pour fendre les flots et les idées reçues, et étudier le sens de la Transmission.