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  • 01. Preface

    We’re stubborn, inventive, and militantly inquisitive and we believe people are unparalleled levers of change.

  • 02. Boson missions

    The mission we’ve set for ourselves is to inspire collaborators’ commitment and give them a sense of responsibility to take them from rigid, top down, and controlling structures to structures that are fluid, bottom up, open, ecosystemic, transparent, learning, and confidence inspiring.

  • 03. The Boson Space

    Spaces aren’t our end purpose. We’re not space developers or architects. We’re interpreters and narrators in the space that consists of challenges and the human dynamics of transformation.

  • 04. Belleville

    Belleville is the incarnation within walls, of Boson convictions and ambitions. It’s a place to make and break ideas, a place where it’s OK to think differently, a place for discussion, thinking, and giving praise.

  • 05. Boson talks

    We love decoding this period in time.

  • 06. Boson events

    Committed interaction to let worlds meet, shake up ideas, and uncover blind spots.

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À La Croisée des Mondes

A thought about the art of leadership where civilian and military worlds meet.


Every year, À La Croisée des Mondes is the opportunity we provide to delve into what makes great men and women, envision the company of the future, and, with several voices and several hands, prototype that desirable future.

Do you have to love to be loved? Where does self confidence come from? Is there such a thing as universal recognition? Does transmission happen without a framework for thinking? Why are role models so powerful? At what levels does the circulation of knowledge and power in organizations play out? Why is memory crucial?

À La Croisée des Mondes discusses management, bravery, commitment, excellence, and also transmission, to help everyone step back, think, be moved, and be even better at the art of leadership.

Its stance is having glances, sensibilities, professions, and the specialized areas of exceptional people meet to envisage management in all its complexity and nuances. The basis for this unconventional event is first of all the ambition to have two worlds that know little about one another meet: the civilian and military worlds. Then, hybridize the spheres further to let leaders from all different horizons bang their head against the wall and question what they’re sure of. Every À La Croisée des Mondes event is therefore an opportunity for us to delve into poetry, history, humor, science, music, philosophy, theology, sociology, and field work, to examine a heartfelt topic.

To complete a mission like this, we needed a first-class partnership. We found it in the world of the military.

We firmly believe that members of the military, starting with the French Navy, can teach us a great deal about leadership in the future. This is because military organizations, which do not have a business model, have as their only asset, the commitment of men and women. It’s because they turn out commitment. And it’s because when in training, in accompaniment, and when operational, they use extremely avant garde management, leadership, and command practices. It seemed obvious and necessary to us to shine a spotlight on them.


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