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  • 01. Preface

    We’re stubborn, inventive, and militantly inquisitive and we believe people are unparalleled levers of change.

  • 02. Spatial missions

    Spaces aren’t our end purpose. We’re not space developers or architects. We are translators and narrators in the space of challenges and human dynamics of transformation.

  • 03. Belleville

    Belleville is the incarnation within walls, of Boson convictions and ambitions. It’s a place to make and break ideas, a place where it’s OK to think differently, a place for discussion, thinking, and a place for rent.

  • 04. Boson talks

    We like to decrypt the time, share our enthusiasm, our beliefs and our adventures in the company.

  • 05. Boson events

    Committed interaction to let worlds meet, shake up ideas, and uncover blind spots.

  • 06. Boson Consulting

    Our job is to create the conditions allowing the full and entire expression of human potential, individualy and collectively.

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The unique format of Tchatche brings back the art of informed discussion and sophisticated thought


Tchatche is a unique, no holds barred fast talkin’ event. The form is crazy: a wrestling ring, audio, dancers, and DJs. The substance is fearsomely exacting: intellectuals of different persuasions debating an issue facing society. The ‘show’ mixes codes from the first folk universities, the circus, wrestling, and debating competitions to give traditional talking a new look.

Will the bottom of the class travel first class? Will digital technology vaccinate or assassinate the planet? Is the referee on the AI field the top mac or Macron? Like father, like son? If you give ideas and take them back, is that stealing?

Tchatche’s ambition is social, militant, and citizen-focused: on our scale, close the wide gap that has formed in our society between those who understand the complexity of today’s world and the others – and they are many – who are fearful of digitalization, globalization, transversalization, platformization, uberization, and more, and who, de facto, reject what is contemporary.

A social and citizen-focused ambition: help citizens the farthest removed understand society’s ‘hot topics.’

We tackle burning issues like the IQ war in the age of AI, data ownership, the rise of extremists, robotization, universal income, the neo-feminist movement, and more, to show that in the land of Descartes and Montaigne, doubt, contradiction, and convictions are accessible to everyone.

Tchatche is the incarnation of the Boson citizen commitment

We firmly believe in the human commitment, subsidiarity, and the fact that everyone can make a difference, provided they understand.Tchatche is the medium we’ve chosen to break down and show the times we live in.


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