We are the catalysts of your transformation projects

We specialize in customized, bottom-up, agile projects
to foster engagement in your teams
and help your company adapt to the challenges of tomorrow

Our expertise:


We leverage anthropological methods to understand your most effective levers of engagement, and build the most adapted action plan to activate them


We leverage design thinking methods to build concrete actions with your coworkers, test them, implement them, follow up on them


We create conferences and learning expeditions to help understand the need for change and the best levers of engagement


We build trainings and long term support programs to support your key agents of change, wether they are first line managers or field intrapreneurs

Our projects are:

  • Tailored to your needs

The most adapted project for the most relevant result

  • Bottom-up and empowering

Who better to design and carry out transformations than the people who best know the company’s reality?

  • Open and prospective

Various perspectives and a prospective eye through our diverse team and ecosystem of amazing partners: HR managers, leaders, and thinkers.

  • Thorough

A trust relationship, a real commitment, a focus on what really matters.

Our impact:

  • Increase of employee engagement

Around +15-30% raise in employee engagement observed after our projects

  • Decrease of turnover, easier recruiting and integration

The cost of turnover is estimated to 3-6 months of salary per employee

  • Gains in productivity

Up to +30% in revenue observed after our projects

  • Boost of creativity

New projects launched by coworkers in 97% of companies after our projects 

  • Enhancement of employer image

Entering rankings such as Great Place to Work, being showcased in numerous media

  • Successful changes

…from classic to agile organisations

…change or redesign of offices

…new company strategic project

Some of our experience:

Maximizing team engagement in scale-up facing a fast growth

We led an inclusive approach with all Alloresto’ employees in order to embody new ways of working within the workplace; this resulted in more collaborative spaces, more creativity, more inspirational moments…

Engaging employees in deep transformation projects

After Air France transformation division called upon us to ‘simplify and digitalise” Air France, we led an important listening phase that resulted in the identification of cultural transformation projects that are undertaken by transversal internal groupe we support.

Understanding and adapting to Millennials expectations

We crossed the views of young Navy troops and their management on the evolutions of the Navy that resulted in the redesign of the social model of the Navy in order to meet with the needs of the current recruits

Redesigning an office space to encourage new ways of working

On the occasion of the reorganisation of Marsh France’ premises, a reflection was launched about “The pleasure of working together” ; we supported the executive committee working on the way the reorganised premises could embody that change and the employees imagining how they could appropriate those spaces and then encourage news ways of working.

Reinforcing cohesion in  context of  mergers

After the merging of the two companies, we supported the group in bringing back cohesion and collaboration through a dynamic and constructive process that led to propositions co-construction in workplace planning, mutual support, initiative, recognition and team spirit.